Unskilled Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply for Unskilled Jobs


There are so many unskilled job opportunities in USA and these are unskilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship. These jobs are available for people who have interest and readily willing to work in America. These set of people can apply and be taken for these unskilled jobs once you meet the job criteria. So if you are interested in working in America, then you can apply for some of the unskilled jobs listed in this post.

A lot of people want to work in USA but the thing is to get job employment in USA with visa sponsorship is hard, but we have simplified it to make it a lot more easier by listing some of the job employment firms you can try out. This is important because you cannot apply for work visa to the USA if you do not get employed in USA by U.S based employer or company. The best part is, some of these employers are willing to sponsor your visa.

Unskilled Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply for Unskilled Jobs

I know you may be asking now, what is unskilled job, or what are unskilled jobs that one can apply for in USA. Let’s answer that together. By unskilled jobs, we mean those jobs that do not require professional experience, special training or higher education. They are simple tasks that people with no experience can handle or do. They are jobs anyone can easily do.


Now that we have explained what unskilled jobs are, it is important to know some of the requirements and what it takes to get some of these jobs in USA, and more importantly getting unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship by your employer who is based in United States of America.

Unskilled Jobs Requirements in USA with Visa Sponsorship

If you are looking for unskilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorships, then you have to meet the following requirements.

1. You must be a citizen of other country such as African countries.

2. Go through each application to understand their own job-specific requirements.

3. Have a photograph that matches the required photograph for USA visa application.

4. Meet the specified height and age for the job. Usually height should not be less than 1.65 for male applicants and 1.60 for women.

5. Ensure you have basic computer skill and English speaking skill.

6. Birth certificate will be required.

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How to Get a Job in the USA with Free Visa Sponsorship

Read this part with every attention to understand how to get a job in America, and not just any job but jobs with visa sponsorship.

Follow these outlined steps for jobs in USA with free visa sponsorship;

Search forĀ  jobs in the H1B visa sponsors database

When you find any of the job of your interest, make sure to submit your application immediately.

To get the job, the employer of such job should and must be willing to hire you as this is one major way to working in USA.

The employer or company that you would apply to must know that you are not a US citizen and so you have to specify at all time your country of origin.

Tips: In your search for unskilled jobs, look for the following types of firms or companies;

i. Global consulting companies.

ii. Search for boutique consulting companies

iii. Find a job at the US University

Top 12 Visa Sponsorship Companies in the USA

In USA, there are many and different companies and firms that offer H1B sponsorship. You will find these companies in all fields of works and many of them offer best job opportunities offer for H1-B visa holders in the US. Below are the top 7 sponsorship companies in the US where one can find and be employed in unskilled jobs;

  1. Microsoft
  2. Google
  3. Amazon
  4. Cognizant
  5. Infosys
  6. Capgemini
  7. Tata Consultancy
  8. Apple
  9. Tech Mahindra
  10. Intel
  11. JPMorgan Chase
  12. Salesforce
  13. Accenture
  14. Deloitte

Now you have seen some of companies you can apply for, when you go through their list of unskilled job listing, you will find available jobs and then apply for them accordingly.

Top 10 Unskilled Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

Listed here are different unskilled jobs in USA that can come with visa sponsorship. Go through them to see the unskilled jobs that available which do not require special training. They include but not limited to the following;

  1. Parking Attendant
  2. Line Operator
  3. Fast Food Worker
  4. Cleaner or Janitor
  5. Construction Labourer
  6. Information Desk Clerk
  7. Vegetable Harvester
  8. Sewing Machine Operator
  9. Messenger
  10. Housekeeper
  11. Delivery Driver

Listed above are some unskilled jobs any one can apply. When you go through each of them from your search you will find their requirements as applies to you depending on the type of job you apply for them.

Unskilled Jobs – Apply Now

To apply for the Unskilled Jobs in the USA for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship, You can click on this link.