University of Saskatchewan Scholarships in Canada 2022


Schooling in Canada is a huge dream for international students! A perfect opportunity to actualize your dream is the University of Saskatchewan Scholarships program. At the end of this article, interested individuals will have all the needed information to avail this scholarship award. There are lots sources of awards available to scholars/individuals like you.

University of Saskatchewan – About

Saskatchewan University of Canada is an adventurous and diverse academic environment in the Saskatchewan, found in Saskatoon. The academic institution was formerly addressed as the University of Saskatchewan and switched its name in 1991 when it became a non-denominational institution. This university has two urban campuses and affiliated colleges respectively. The major campus is in Saskatoon. This was where the academia progressed from and most of its edifices remain. All these make it one of the largest universities in Canada.

The academia is a research institution of higher learning in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. It teaches doctorates and bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees through the doctoral stream. Scholars all over the globe are making findings to know about the courses available at the University through various programs, and lots of people want to gain admission at SUC.


Ever since, the university has had around 23 000 students from all over, and has graduated thousands. SUC can boost of four astronauts who are alumni of the institution. Making the University of Saskatchewan a choice of destination is a wonderful choice! It has great facilities, amazing courses, and opportunities.

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University of Saskatchewan Scholarships – Summary
  • Country Name: Canada
  • Awarding University: University of Saskatoon
  • Funding Type: Complete Funding
  • Study Level: Bachelors, MS, PhD
  • Deadline: December 1st, 2021

SUC is presenting lots of scholarships in 2021. The ambition of this award program is to support and motivate brilliant students who need to get the funding to pursue a career at a decent university such as Saskatchewan. There are lots of other scholarship awards available through the programs or societies that assist students doing post-secondary education or employment.


University of Saskatchewan Scholarships – Benefits

Beneficiaries of University of Saskatchewan Scholarships will be presented the benefits below:

  • The award completes tuition, housing, and board, and necessary textbooks for scholars who are applying for 2nd or 3rd-year courses.
  • A maximum of six persons is only eligible for each scholarship, which is run by the University Registrar’s Office.
  • The scholarship award provides a competitive funding package that enables students to embark on their academic journey at the University of Saskatchewan without being economically disadvantaged while doing so.

Scholarship Duration

Undergraduate: The scholarship is 4 years

Master: The scholarship is 2 years

Doctoral (PhD): Required 3 years for Ph.D. degree

Available Fields of Study at University of Saskatchewan

  • Agriculture and Plants
  • Business & Economics
  • Environment and Earth Sciences
  • Animals
  • Life Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Health
  • Indigenous Programs
  • History and Culture
  • Arts
  • Languages and Communications
  • Maths
  • Engineering programs
  • Technology, and Physics
  • Society & Law
  • Teaching

University of Saskatchewan Scholarships – Eligibility

To meet the criteria for University of Saskatchewan Scholarships, applicant must meet the conditions below:

  • Bachelor’s Scholarship: to apply for a BSc degree, candidates must be a secondary school student outside Canada.
  • Master’s Degree: applicants must have a 4-year BS degree, or similar, from an acknowledged school or college
  • Doctorate Degree: applicants must have a MSc degree or transcripts to secure an admission for the Ph.D. program.
  • English Language Proficiency Verification: IELTS, TOEFL – if students cannot pass the IELTS, opt for Duolingo English Test. It is easier than IELTS.
    Deadline: December 1st, 2021 is the last date of submission.

University of Saskatchewan Scholarships – Steps to Apply

To gain University of Saskatchewan Scholarships, please follow the guidelines listed below:

  • The applicants need to apply Online
  • Discover the Program
  • Find out the affirmation requirements and then apply.

To make additional findings about University of Saskatchewan Scholarships, please visit the official website.