Richard Traina Scholarship Apply | Scholarship for Freshmen


Richard Traina scholarship apply is an act to exhibit in order to win a scholarship award for 4 years consecutively. It is a fully funded undergraduate scholarship award for international students. Apply now and win the opportunity of studying in US for free.

Richard Traina scholarship is a program facilitated by Clark university. The primary objective of this scholarship is to support foreign students that are ready to further any available coursework in the university. For you to apply for this scholarship, you must be a student that hasn’t received a Bachelor’s degree ever in lifetime.

We have provided an online information on the application form that will help you apply for the scholarship online for free. Play your own role now by meeting up with the eligibility criteria. Follow the guideline to apply alongside other application materials that will validate your scholarship application. Hope you are ready to study at Clark university?


All interested foreign students should grab this opportunity of Richard Traina scholarship apply which is expressed on this page to win their chance into the university. Get funded in all ramification throughout your 4 years in school. Get ready to enjoy foreign academic experiences. It might interest you to know that this program will take place in USA.

Scholarship Duration

All beneficiaries will enjoy funding throughout their 4 years as undergraduate students. All these duration will take place at Clark university in USA.

Eligible Study Level

High school finalists that has completed their program and are set with their high school diploma should come forward and apply for this university-funded scholarship. That said, this idea of Richard Traina scholarship apply is only accessible by freshmen.

The Benefits of Richard Traina Scholarship

The scholarship benefits are excessive and so profitable for every skin. Behold advantages of Richard Traina scholarship for all international students so that you will know the privileges awaiting foreign students that intend to apply for this scholarship:

  • You will enjoy the opportunity of studying among students.
  • Also, USA is your place of study. Have you been in USA before? You will enjoy the privilege of studying in US now.
  • More to that, all international students that completed this 4 years program will be certified with Bachelor’s degree.
  • Attain only a coursework available among the list of eligible undergraduate subjects at Clark university.
  • Make international friends that will create exclusive memories with you.
  • Do you know that all beneficiaries are medically insured? Free accommodation, living cost, and other academic costs will be awarded to selected international students.

It might interest you to know all the requirements set for international students that would love to do Richard Traina scholarship apply.

Requirements for International Students

Look at all requirements positioned for all foreign students that are interested in proceeding with this scholarship. For you to become eligible, you must have all these covered.

  1. It is mandatory for all applicants to be international students.
  2. More to that, for you to apply for a coursework, it must be a subject available in the undergraduate subjects recognizable in the university.
  3. More so, your level of study must be undergraduate level.
  4. All beneficiaries will study at Clark university. That said, you must have interest to study abroad.
  5. You must also be an international student that will offer satisfactory results after each semester.
  6. Your English proficiency must be strong and satisfactory.
  7. Ensure that you submit all required additional documents such as academic transcripts ( high school diploma ), English proficiency test, copy of your passport, proof of enrollment offered to you by Clark university.

These are all that needs to be provided for your scholarship application to become considerate. Now that you have gone through the details, make it a point of duty to proceed with the application.

Richard Traina Scholarship Apply

International students that are interested in this scholarship are now free to proceed to the application page wen they apply for an enrollment in the university and got an unconditional offer from the university.

Apply for admission and become authenticated for the award. Remember that you must be an upcoming undergraduate participant for you to be eligible for the offer. Visit to start and complete your course enrollment.