How To Apply For Canada Study Permit


Canada is a land of opportunity and no wonder everyone wants to travel to Canada, especially students who want to go to Canada for their education. Of course we all want to improve our standard of living, and going to Canada promises such opportunity to enjoy a better life thereafter studies.

If you are reading this, truth is you want to travel to Canada through the study means, and this is why we have prepared this guide on how to apply for Canada study permit which will help put you through all the steps and things you need to know.

In addition, we are going to show you what requirements are needed for one to get the Canada study permit as to be able to travel to Canada, live in Canada and study in Canada even while working there in Canada. We will tell you how to be eligible and all the necessary documents required to achieve your dream of moving to Canada via study permit.


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Apply online

If you’re applying for a study permit, you should apply online, whether you’re outside of Canada or already in Canada.

If you can’t apply online because of a disability or because there’s a problem with the online application, you can apply on paper.


How To Apply For Canada Study Permit


What is a Canadian study Permit?

Canada study permit can be liked to a pass into Canada for students. It is a document provided by the Canadian Immigration Officers. You cannot study in Canada if you don’t have a study permit. The study permit could be for a degree, masters, etc.


How to Apply for Canada Study Permit

Get Admission from a Designated learning Institution

The first step to take before applying for a study permit is admission. You must have been offered admission by any professional, vocational, university, college, or any other educational institution.

Apply for your Study Permit

You can either apply for your study permit online or offline, but online requires you have access to some devices like a scanner or camera, while offline doesn’t require much. However, fill the forms correctly.

Processing Fee Payment

You are expected to pay for visa processing fees, and under no circumstances will it be refunded. If you are not the only one going, you are still expected to pay for all. A receipt will be given that contains your tracking number, ensure it is kept well.


Wait for a Response

This is the period where you wait to see if your application will be approved. If it is, proceed with passport submission and you will get a letter of introduction alongside a temporary Resident Visa.

Criteria Eligibility for Canada study permit

  • Admission into an institution,
  • A prove to verify your capability of adequate funds and living expense,
  • Clean criminal record,
  • Medical checkup certificate,
  • A conviction during the interview that you will leave after your study.

Documents required to earn your Study Permit

1. Legal Passport

You need a legal passport that has the stipulated months or years you intend to stay for your studies. E.g. for 2 years, your passport must cover till 2023.

2. Evidence of Admission by a recognized Learning Institution

You must have an admission letter from an institution authorized by the Department of Immigration.

3. Proof of Sponsorship

You need to show proof that shows you are capable of sponsoring your tuition fees, living expenses, and transportation back home.

4. Passport Photographs

You need two passport photographs, however, if you apply online, you need a digital copy of the picture not exceeding 4MB. With size 35 mm × 45 mm and a recent one at that.

5. Immigration Medical Examination (IME)

Medical tests must be conducted, this is to show your health status. The result will be sent to the needed place.

6. Score of English Language Proficiency Exam

This Includes TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE or GMAT, etc. A score of any of those is needed to verify your English proficiency.

7. Statement of Purpose

This is a documented essay that explained why you are going to Canada and why you chose the institution.

Summary On How To Apply For Canada Study Permit

You can apply for a Canada study permit through the Student direct stream. Ensure you have your admission letter, medical certificate, exam, or test score as well as all other needed documents. Do not leave any documents out, because leaving out any document is the only way your study permit can get declined.

You must have enough financial support before applying for your study permit, although you might be qualified to work as a part-timer for about 20 hours a week alongside your study permit and there is an avenue for renewal if it gets expired before your study is over.

Have you been given admission by any authorized institution? apply for your study permit right now.