Harvard University Scholarships in USA for International Students – Apply for Scholarship


The Harvard University in USA offers scholarship opportunities to international students to enable them pursue their academic dreams in United States of America. This content will highlight Harvard university scholarships in USA for international students and how to get admitted into the institution.

Harvard University is one of the most prominent and prestigious universities in America and in the world at large. Named after John Harvard, it was around 1636 and ever since it has produced numerous influential personalities in the world today.

The University in its quest for excellence in academics and study offer different scholarship opportunities in different academic programs. These academic opportunities and aids are available for students of other countries other than America and it includes developing countries of the world.



Opportunities for International Students in Harvard University

The Harvard University offers admission and even scholarships to students of other countries in its institution. Foreign students makes about 25% of total number of students in Harvard University.

The school provides different supports for students and scholars, including in the area of student visa service in which they assist students in obtaining their student visa into America for the academic programs.

As long as you meet the admission requirements you will be admitted into the Harvard university as International students and so also into scholarship programs.

There are different academic programs in Harvard University available for;


Internation students can apply for the program of their choice and once criteria and requirements are met, you are admitted. There are various faculties in the institution to accommodate various academic programs for students.

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What Faculties Are in Harvard University

Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Harvard College
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (formerly Division)
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Division of Continuing Education
Summer School
Extension School

Faculty of Business
Harvard Business Publishing

Faculty of Design
Faculty of Divinity
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Government
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Public Health
Faculty of Medicine
School of Dental Medicine


Harvard University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships At Harvard University

1. Financial Aid

Value of Scholarship: 100% of Demonstrated Need

Foreign students who meet the criteria can apply for Harvard financial aid, which covers 100% of the applicant’s demonstrated need.

The institution selects eligible students based on parental donations as well as employment and student honors. The rest will be paid by a grant-based scholarship with no repayment requirements.

For students in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, for example, the $150 million endowment established by alumni Ken Griffin may pay this Harvard University award. See details.


2. Outside Awards

Value of Scholarship: Varies

Schools, civil groups, parental employers, and corporations, to name a few, frequently support outside awards.

These funds must be disclosed to the university because they are meant for educational purposes. This will be factored into the total amount of financial help awarded to the student.

Outside prizes may be used to supplement or replace term-time job requirements or a portion of a student’s Harvard University scholarship.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Financial Support for Ph.D. Students

Value of Scholarship: Full Tuition and Living Stipend

Full financial assistance is provided to full-time resident PhD students by several departments, such as the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. This Harvard University scholarship for international students covers tuition as well as basic living expenses and health insurance for a minimum of five years.


Stipends, traineeships, teaching fellowships, and research assistantships are only a few examples of the types of support available.

Financial assistance is announced at the time of admission. This must be renewed every Spring because the award’s continuation is contingent on the student’s success. See details here.

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2. Research Assistantships/Teaching Assistantships

Value of Scholarship: Full Tuition and Living Stipend

Research assistantships and teaching assistantships are available to some Master’s and Ph.D. students. These include both tuition and a living stipend, making it an excellent opportunity for international students to study without worrying about money.

3. Saul Zaentz Fellowships

Scholarship Amount: Partial Tuition Coverage

The Saul Zaentz fellowship is awarded to outstanding full-time students interested in pursuing a Master’s or Doctorate in Early Childhood Education at the Harvard Graduate School.

The Harvard University scholarship recipients are judged on their work experience (3-5 years, paid or voluntary) as a practitioner, policymaker, government official, or researcher.

Mentoring and co-curricular activities are also required of Saul Zaentz Fellows.

Although this is a merit-based prize, applicants who demonstrate extreme financial need are given priority.


Admissions Requirements at Harvard University

Requirements For Undergraduate:

Applicants interested in attending Harvard as an undergraduate must submit the following materials:

Completed Application Form (Common App & Other)
High School Records. & Transcripts (Translated to English if Given in Local Language)
Mid-year School Report, Teacher Evaluations, and Final School Reports
Standardized Test Results (SAT or ACT)
Proof of English Proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL) if Applicable
Supplemental Materials (Additional Documents, Articles, Images, or Videos)
International interviews may be done on a need-to-know basis, although the number of interviews requested may fluctuate from year to year.

Requirements For Graduate Students

If you want to apply to Harvard University Graduate School, you must provide the following:

Accomplished Application Form
Certificate of Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent
Transcript of Academic Records
Standardized Test Results (GRE or GMAT) if Applicable
Letters of Recommendation
Statement of Purpose
Writing Sample if Needed

Harvard University Application Procedure

For Undergraduate Program:

Undergraduate students must complete the Common Application (or any available application) as well as any financial paperwork requested by the university. For further information, please visit Harvard University’s How to Apply page.

Graduate Program:

You will need to apply to suitable graduate institutions if you are a graduate student. You’ll need to choose a graduate school that you wish to apply to, go to their website, and fill out an application. For example, this website can be used to apply for arts and sciences.

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University Admission Committee

Harvard’s admissions committees pay close attention to each profile. When assessing your application, they consider a number of variables, including your-

Potential and your growth trajectory
Interests and activities that you enjoy
Personality, as well as
Giving back to the Harvard community


How to Apply for Harvard University Scholarship

Visit the application portal

Find all the requirements and make sure you meet the requirements.

Go ahead and apply for the scholarship

Remember, the scholarship is only available for students of Harvard University, so make sure you are admitted already as a student of Harvard University before you apply for the scholarship. This is one major criteria for the scholarship.

Make sure to check out all the necessary details for the scholarship.