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Apply Orange Knowledge scholarship online to study in Netherlands. Check eligible countries below and let the eligibility fetch you a position in the program. However, no need to worry about qualified subjects because all Masters level subjects are accessible here.

Apply Orange Knowledge scholarship online to study in Netherlands. However, this program in Netherlands is attracting foreign talented students into the country for short time and Masters study at participating Netherlands universities. Eligible candidates will contact their Dutch education institution and inform the institution of their interest in acquiring next degree with this scholarship. This is because only nominated students will enjoy the grants.

Prior to that, eligibility criteria varies according to countries. Only two courses are applicable here; the short time courses and Masters. The short time course takes place within 2 to 12 months while Masters is from 12 – 24 months. You are the one to choose the field to apply for provided that you are eligible for it. Note that your academic transcripts will be presented to serve as evidence of the level you are applying for.


Place of Study

Netherlands. All the selected students that will enjoy the benefits will study at any of their preferred Netherlands universities. So, you can apply Orange Knowledge scholarship online of you are ready to study abroad. Do not apply if you are a citizen or permanent resident of Netherlands.

Level of Study

You will undertake short training and Masters study at any of the Netherlands universities eligible to undertake students selected for Orange Knowledge scholarship. Meanwhile, it is necessary to note that all the subjects eligible under this scholarship are courses presented in the list of Masters program taught at the Netherlands university you chose.


Eligibility Criteria for all Entrants

Apply Orange Knowledge scholarship online if you meet up with all these scholarship requirements and have all the documents required. Most of all, ineligible candidates are constantly Netherlands citizens. Who can apply then?

  • Only students from developing countries can apply.
  • More to that, aspirants of short time courses or direct full time Masters courses are eligible applicants.
  • Still not forgetting that only eligible subjects in the participating universities are eligible to be accessed.
  • There are additional requirements for students which very according to countries.
  • More so, you should deal with the fact that it is an English taught program so you must be proficient in English language.
  • Get a considerable scholarship application when you submit all required documents perfectly, completely, and appropriately.
  • However, minimum of 18 years will be recognized while above 25 years and 30 years for short time courses and Masters level respectively will not be entertained.
  • Haven explored the qualification criteria for all the students that want to apply Orange Knowledge scholarship online, here is the procedure implemented during application. I trust you are ready to apply.

Apply Orange Knowledge Scholarship Online

Quickly apply for Orange Knowledge scholarship online if you registered for Dutch education institution and got nominated by the institution. After the nomination, complete your application and submit to them so that the embassies will check, assess, and evaluate your application plus the eligibility of the applicant.

After the evaluation comes the result. You will be notified of your success of failure. Await for the the publicization of the result because enlisted students are the ones qualified for the award. The grant will be disbursed among them. Contact the any of the Dutch institutions at to indicate for a nomination and then, apply for Orange Knowledge scholarship.